About Us

Welcome to You WILL LOVE History! We are Brent Willis and Mark Lovein and we teach United States History, AP Economics, and Psychology at the high school level in Orange County, California. Together, we have a combined 26 years in education and began collaborating four years ago to make a change and further engage our students. We read a book on flipping the classroom, flipped out, and decided to take on the challenge. Our documents cover U.S. History from the colonies through the 1970s, Macro and Micro Economics suitable for the general education and advanced placement class, as well as activities covering a course on the introduction to psychology. With years of creating activities, we have over one hundred items ready to sell. We are also excited to announce that we are now doing speaking engagements on the flipped classroom.  Please take your time browsing our website and grab our free resource on the Declaration of Independence to learn more about our style. We are passionate about the flipped classroom and welcome any discussion from this community. Thanks for stopping by!